Many of our popular treatments, including Invisalign braces, root canal procedures, crowns and implants, are eligible for further 20% reduction from Med2 Tax Relief (more information available on www. . Our staff will be more than happy to help in taking care of your paper work required if claiming the above or any other insurance form, ie. VHI, DeCare, Garda Medical Aid.

If you are an eligible PRSI patient (we can now check your eligibility online almost instantly) you are entitled to:
1. Free check-up once every 12 months
2. Scale and polish once every 12 months for a reduced fee of €15.

If you are a valid Medical Card holder you are entitled to:
1. Free check-up every 12 months
2. Two free fillings per calendar year
3. Free extractions as required
4. Free prescriptions as required
5. Free emergency root canal treatment on anterior teeth, which includes central, lateral and canine teeth.

We accept all types of payment, including cash, cheques, debit and credit cards.

Please be advised that all private fees must be paid at the end of each visit. For more complex treatments, like crowns, dentures, root canal procedures, we request 50% on commencement and 50% on completion of treatment. For our Invisalign braces patients we have an in-house interest free payment plan with €1000 initial deposit followed by monthly payments of just €250.

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